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Excellent series of tutorials at toptechboy
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Your answer may already be here: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=384198.0


Python is a free program you can download. Talking to Arduino over a serial interface is pretty trivial in Python. Fundamentals of programming through Arduino lessons may lead to Python learning


Python 2 is apparently easier to do that vs Python 3 from our experience last summer (maybe 2 summers ago?). I don't know if that has changed since.
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I just want to say thank you for the link, I'm actually busy with getting code::blocks to work and start programming in C++.

Python is a big interest, because I have nodeMCU dev boards which requires programming in LUA. I understood that LUA is very similar to Python.



I defiantly will watch these, since I am into both Arduino and Python.  However, I am very frustrated that Python 3 is still having difficulty in getting traction.  It is clear that python is moving forward, but people have invested in 2 and cannot seem to move forward (which is very understandable).  Maybe, I will try my hand at implementing some of these things in 3.


great I have one e-book about arduino and python. but its cool found more tutorial about this stuff :) thanks for share :)


I'd like to know... how do you think Arduino shapes up against Python or Perl? Not sure of the advantages and disadvantages.


Excellent series of tutorials at toptechboy
Hey JimboZA,

Awesome tutorials, thanks.


If you want to just learn python, use python 3, since it is the recommended one. But if you want to do a specific complex task, you may want to consider learning python 2, since there is more legacy software for it. From my own experience, both of relatively simple and the syntax is almost the same.


Python meshes with Java, so if you get into Python you may get Java along for the ride.  Let's see now what to call the trio...
Pyjavardathon, Ardpyjava, Javaardpy, or how about Arduino on steroids.


I just spent about 2 weeks learning python. Seems like it can do alot.  I am mostly into the embedded world and have been programming exclusively in C for a while.  It was a toss up between C++ or python and I chose phthon because C++ so huge and i am really just looking to into making some operator interfaces. From what I can tell it would take me much longer to get up to speed with C++ but I think it is going to take a while to learn python also at the level I want to be at.


What is relation between phyton and arduino software?


Amazing Language Python


Hey, I am currently learning Python and Arduino. I believe this tutorial will help me out. Thank you.   


I just recently decided to learn Python, and have not quite figured out where to start. Can you recommend any useful resources and where to start?
There are a number of download sources for Zelle's "Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science". It's very good.

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