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Hey, I am currently learning Python and Arduino. I believe this tutorial will help me out. Thank you.   
Case need help, I am here for helped.
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Taking advantage of the subject, I have this code, made in Python, that a friend sent me but, I would like to use it with Arduino or ESP8266 / ESP32 + RTC to get the time;

Has anyone tried to adapt it to Arduino? I don't have enough knowledge for this!

I liked this watch because I found it interesting the way the second hand walks.

The youtube link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17sW9QMHbf4&feature=em-comments

I could not attach the file here with the extension .py, how to do?

Thanks for any help


Hello guys!

To remedy the situation, I pasted all the contents of the python file into the Arduino IDE to be able to send it, so this is not a native Arduino file but a Python one!


Daniel Fernandes


Case need help, I am here for helped.
Hello Sandro! Can you give me a hand?
You might even be interested in making this Watch with Arduino IDE or ESP8266. Thanks


Excellent series of tutorials at toptechboy
Thanks JimboZA that is a great tutorial


Does anyone here know or can you please convert the above code (watch_analog_clock.ino) to write on the Arduino board normally?

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