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Could you not just monitor the direction the printer is trying to turn the DC motor step the stepper in the same direction and generate the encoder feedback pulse(s) to the printer. Keep doing this until the printer stops trying to drive the DC motor (It's happy with the paper position).
Sounds like a very interesting idea. But @devahoch, please also read Reply #14.

However, taking this and my previous Reply I don't recall that @devahoch has worked out how many mm the table must move  for each printline - which I asked in Reply #11. That is essential knowledge for designing the stepper drive system and the feedback system.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


Take the signal going to the paper moving motor(PF motor), step it down and give it to the motor of the platform via an H-bridge.

You'll have to experiment with the voltage given to the platform motors- change the voltage to adjust the speed of platform so that the print head align well enough to give an almost accurate print.

Used high dc motors to drive my platform as it has to start and stop very precisely, while carrying itself. 

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