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This is latest in the RFX series of boards. It's a Nano 3.0 carrier board, with a builtin prototyping area and nRF24L01+ headers. The pins break out into a Arduino Uno R3 shield layout, and also a second grid-aligned breadboard compatible header layout. Also broken out are the additional A6 and A7 analog pins on a seperate header.

Here's a pic of the board without the Nano:

And another with the Nano and nRF24L01+ module installed, powered by the Vin DC jack:

It can also be powered via the USB, of course.

If it looks familiar, it's because it's basically a riff on the RFX Teensy 3.x carrier board, which has proved to be quite popular.

This is the fourth RFX board I've developed in the series. There's a smaller 328p minimalist board, the 1284p "Skinny Bob" (Bobuino compatible, uses the new Mighty_1284p variant files), and also the RFX Teensy 3.x carrier board.

Like all RFX board designs, this one has two nRF24L01+ module headers, one for hardware SPI and the other for software spi. (This provides flexibility in those cases where sharing devices on the same spi bus becomes problematic or undesirable for whatever reason.)

Also like all RFX boards, it's primary raison d'etre is to provide a convenient way to provide nRF24L01+ capability to Arduino projects. While it is designed for use with the RFXduino TCP over nRF24L01+ internet gateway system in mind, the board can be used with any nRF24L01+ library.

The board has been designed to use all through-hole parts for easy soldering and assembly. 

One design tweak new to this board is that it also has a pad for soldering a SOT-223 instead of the TO-220 LD1117v33 voltage regulator if so desired, as shown above.

More info and documentation at my website.
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