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Hi Arduino Forum.

I am looking to hire in some expertise to help me design a prototype audio processor. Please contact me if you know of anybody that could help in my project so I can get them to quote their rates.

The audio processor will include:
Stereo to Mono conversion.
VCA - for consistent volume.
Select-able graphic eq.
Minimal latency.
Low power.

This is something I have previously realised using analogue electronics but I thought I would inquire if there was anyone out there who would be prepared to take on the project in software?

Let me know your thoughts.



Not with a  8-bit, 16 MHz processor. Not enough time for processing.
You could have the processor control some of the analog functionality.
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A Raspberry Pi might be able to handle it.   But a Raspberry Pi runs a multitasking OS, and when you have multitasking you need buffers and buffers are a delay (latency).

It also depends on the amount of data...  i.e. The number of channels, sample-rate, and bit-depth.  And of course the complexity of the processing.    The only you're doing that's complex is the EQ.

Rack mount audio processors are usually built around special-purpose DSP chips.

If you've never done any DSP programming before, there is a good online DSP book.  And for things like filters, you can find libraries so you don't have to write the code from scratch.


Thanks for all your replies. I will read through your suggestions this weekend. All your help is much appreciated. Cheers...j


I did this with an Arduino Due and a Wolfson audio codec chip.
It's very possible with an Arduino and you don't need a Raspberry PI.
If I can help you in any way, feel free to ask!

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