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I want to use an Arduino with an altimeter and possibly an accelerometer to deploy a parachute on a drone. I've done a bit of reading on altimeters in use with Arduino boards and am feeling a little overwhelmed. I was looking at using the Adafruit BMP180 altimeter - http://www.adafruit.com/products/1603

I would like to be able to define a preset maximum decent speed (say 6ft per sec) and if the decent rate is exceeded I want the arduino to then trigger a servo to deploy the parachute and send a signal to kill the power to the drones motors.

I need someone who can write the code and select the correct board an appropriate altimeter and accelerometer.  I will be 3d printing the case to hold everything and am willing to PAY to have this done.

This will initially be mounted to a phantom 2 drone for testing purposes.

Please feel free to reply here or email me at alan @ evomac.com



Did you get any takers on this ?

Cheers Pete.
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I am actually working on a similar project. I will give you the code for free once I have it all working. I've got the accelerometer correcting the drone's orientation so that it is stable, radio is correctly transmitting throttle & joystick position, and also the HMC5833L compass is correcting it's yaw. Now I am going to buy an altimeter for it.

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