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Topic: ServoTimer2.h and VirtualWire.h libraries used in same programe the following er (Read 6006 times) previous topic - next topic


Arduino: 1.6.0 (Windows 7), Board: "Arduino Uno"

In file included from sketch_feb23b.ino:2:0:
C:\Users\tamilkanna\Documents\Arduino\libraries\ServoTimer2/ServoTimer2.h:59:17: error: conflicting declaration 'typedef uint8_t boolean'
 typedef uint8_t boolean;
In file included from sketch_feb23b.ino:1:0:
D:\arduino-1.6.0\hardware\arduino\avr\cores\arduino/Arduino.h:117:14: error: 'boolean' has a previous declaration as 'typedef bool boolean'
 typedef bool boolean;
Error compiling.

  This report would have more information with
  "Show verbose output during compilation"
  enabled in File > Preferences.


I would be inclined to try commenting out the reference in the ServoTimer2 library.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


I have the same problem...
maybe one or both libraries reserve one pin for a specific function?


maybe one or both libraries reserve one pin for a specific function?
Not even close to what the problem is.
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This post seems to go near the solution but maybe not...
Maybe the problem is the servoTimer2 itself as uint8_t has been declared twice as boolean and byte at the same time so the latest compiler (1.6.5) cannot resolve it?
In fact after commenting out //typedef uint8_t boolean; from servoTimer2.h I do not have the problem, but I face a new one :-)
Arduino:1.6.5 (Windows 7), Scheda:"Arduino Uno"

C:\Users\Stefano\Documents\Arduino\libraries\ServoTimer2\ServoTimer2.cpp:7:20: fatal error: wiring.h: No such file or directory
 #include <wiring.h>
And after a little googling I understand wiring.h is no longer supported, but I remember that with the previous IDE evering worked just fine :-(
What to do?


Ok, the solution to the second problem is here:


Thank you PaulS :-)

Now the program compiles, tomorrow I will see if it works :-)
Thank you!

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