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well i bought a pack of 10 nrf24l01's and today i wanted to try them out with my Arduino UNO and arduino Mega
i tried all examples ,all connections ,the only library ,added capacitors and made connections of my own
but nothing worked as it supposed to
led remote not working
ping pair (can you explane it to me)  not giving any data
i guess the UNO is working but the mega got me confused
any one had a problem with them ?
i tried changing the nrf24l01 i have 10 of them
thank you :D



I'm going through the same problem of trying to communicate with these modules myself.

Maybe this link might help you: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=171611.0

This is the forum post I had posted: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=300018.0 .... Are you going through a similar problem?


I had the same problem but this fixed it, simple as 1 2 3:

1. Solder a 10uF tantalum capacitor across the 3.3V & GND terminals. Use the 3.3V power off the UNO works fine.

2. Make sure you download the later version of RF24 library circa 12/2014 from

3. Read & understand the authors blog article as follows:

I've had them now working fine on UNOs with the RF module hanging off flying leads.


yes it's the same problem exactly .. r5sb
i tried all methods such as capacitors too none worked :/
maybe the mega connections are different ??
i guess the uno is working but the problem is with the mega


Am sure the spi pins are different,  the icsp header is the same on all boards


Are you running maniac bug's RF24 library, or the RF24 Fork? I would suggest using the forked library as it has been working much better for me. With the RF24 Fork library, post the results of radio.printDetails() from the serial monitor.



the problem is with the arduino mega i have no idea about connections


For hardware SPI, assuming you aren't using the ICSP header, the pins are different on the Mega. Check out this page. Rather than 11 and 12, you'll want to use 51 and 50 (note that the order has changed too).

Also, having experimented with the VirtualWire, RF24, and RadioHead wireless libraries, my strong preference is for RadioHead. VirtualWire is end-of-life. RadioHead's interface is pretty darn clean and it doesn't use printf/scanf like RF24. Although RF24 isn't my preferred wireless library on the Arduino, the author's (Maniacbug) blog is an excellent resource.

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