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I'm new in Arduino. I have found this Microcontroller in the buy section of this page, I want to implement a small Project, so I would like to buy it and use it:
ATMega328 is the ATMEL Microcontroller on which Arduino UNO is based.

This product let you to realize your small project without using a full size Arduino board. To make this microcontroller working with the Arduino IDE you need a 16Mhz crystal, a 5 V power supply and a serial connection.

I don't have experience with this type of microcontroller, my question is:
What do I need to upload (record or flash) the Microcontroller? Do I need to buy a board also? (aside the other components, of course: the cristal, the power supply, the Arduino IDE)
If yes, Which one?

What are the steps to upload this alone microcontroller?

In advance thank you very much.


Can't it be possible to upload the alone microcontroller with an Arduino board? (I refer, one of the published in this page) ?

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