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Hi Everyone,

I am a beginner to CAN communication and Arduino. I have the Arduino R3 and the CAN bus shield from sparkfun electronics. I am using the CAN library given in the link below:


I am able to compile and upload the sample send program, but I don't think I am achieving CAN communication. I open up the serial monitor and see the message, "CAN init ok". I have connected the CAN bus shield to the Vector CANcaseXL, and I am using CANalyser to monitor the traffic. I have set CANalyser to the same baud rate as the sample program, but I do not see the flow of data. I am using the db9 cables provided by Vector, which have the 120 ohm termination resistors. Could anyone give me suggestions as to what to do to see the flow of traffic? Do I need to change more settings on CANalyser? Any help would be much appreciated..Thanks!

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