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Villeicht hat jemand Spass, ich bin gerade beim Testen.


Say you have an Arduino source code file you want to simulate. There are lots of Arduino example built into VBB but this tutorial shows you how to do it from scratch?

1) Starting with a Arduino application called Blink.pde on the desktop
2) Start VBB and create a new Project
3) Drag and Drop an Arduino board onto the Breadboard and then drag and drop a LED onto pin 13
4) Save the project: Note Its important to save the project before adding source projects. We are calling the project MyBlink
5) Copy your Arduino application into the MyBlink VBB Project folder
6) Add an Arduino Source project to the folder by right clicking on the Project and selecting from the list.
7) Add the Arduino Blink.pde Source file to to the Arduino Source Project by right clicking on the Arduino Source project. You can select Blink.pde from the list because it is in the project folder already
8) NOTE: To view the source project you need to drag and drop it into a view panel
9) You now need to link the source code project to the Arduino processor so you click the Arduino board and then select from the Application property the name of the project source
10) You are now ready to run the simulation so click run and you will see the LED blink
11) You can inplace edit your arduino code but you need to save it before you compile it. If you make syntax errors you will see those in the Errors List.



das ist ja der Hammer. Das erste mal, dass ich einen Arduino Simulator sehe.


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