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My little suggestion is to leave the ability to have two directories containing libraries :
- The actual directory sitting in Program Files is fine for standard libraries
- A user defined directory sitting in My Documents and editable in preferences like for the sketches.

Actually, it is sometimes painful when you are writing/editing libraries, as it requires admin privileges to write the files in "Program Files" ...

Also, I've put my sketches directory in Google Drive so it stays in sync between my desktop and my laptop, wish to have the same for the libraries, as I write my own !


Feb 27, 2015, 10:29 am Last Edit: Feb 27, 2015, 10:30 am by westfw
There's already a user library section inside your "sketchbook" folder.  ~/Documents/Arduino/libraries on my Mac,
My Documents\Arduino\libraries on Windows.

I think most of the instructions have been updated to tell you to put third-party libraries there for a while now.
(exact locations may have changed in 1.6, for better support of multiple platforms.)

(a THIRD section might be nice, to distinguish between vendor-provided libraries (with installers/etc) and random libraries downloaded by the individual users.)


Yes you're right, I just noticed that by trying the "Sketch/Import library/Add library" menu to import a zip file, and only then I found the Library directory into my sketches directory, that is wonderful !

Maybe the problem is that all instructions that come with third party libraries tell you to unzip the file then put the folder into the Arduino/Libraries directory, which is, let's say, "deprecated" method ...

Thanks for pointing that to me!

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