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Hi guys! This is my first post here!
I'm a musician and I'm looking at arduino as a possible way to get what I want slightly cheaper.  Many musicians are using In-Ear-Monitors or IEMs lately and essentially they're just radio transmitters and body pack receivers.  Doesn't seem like it would be incredibly hard to program a couple of arduino boards to do the same thing for a significant cost difference.  (decent quality IEM goes retail at about $600)

What do you guys think?  Is it possible to create something that would give decent sound quality with little to no latency and at an affordable cost?

Thanks in advance for your advice!


The Arduino isn't really fast enough for high-quality audio.   Plus, there is no DAC (you'd have to add an audio shield) and the ADC is only 10 bits.

I'm not sure if most of those things are even digital...  Wireless microphone transmitters can be either analog or digital.

It's not trivial to make a reliable high-fidelity radio transceiver that's immune to interference and that can be tuned so several systems can be operated together on the same stage.    But, I think you can find something that's less than $600.   

Although you might be able to build something cheaper than you can buy it, you probably can't build something that's as good as what you can buy for the same price.

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