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Hi all,
Newb level question here- I am aware that I can power the Yun by connecting a power source to the VIN and GND pins. I wanted to see if this adapter would work: 5V 2000ma power adapter - https://www.adafruit.com/product/276

I am using that adapter to power a set of LED lights currently and was hoping to use it to also power the Yun.

Thanks in adance for your help


it will be OK as long as its a regulated 5v, there is no protection on the VIN pin


My biggest concern is that some of the AdaFruit 5V power supplies put out a bit higher voltage. For example, their 1A supply is actually rated for 5.25 volts. The good news is that they generally point this out in the description (even though the product name only says 5V) and it looks like this one is actually 5V. Still, when you get it, measure the voltage to be sure before you plug it in.


While 5.25V is the upper limit of the typical 5% power supply tolerance, the 5V-powered chips on the Yun are rated to 5.5V, so there shouldn't be a problem.


Plus, there is a reverse polarity protection diode between the VIN pin and the rest of the board, so there is a diode drop there, as well. So feeding it slightly more than 5V isn't all that big of a problem.

I guess my point was to be wary of specs: "Trust, but verify."

When you get the supply, measure the actual output (and even look at it on a scope, if possible) to make sure it is really doing what it says it will. Some inexpensive wall-wart power supplies can be far away from their rated voltage and current. It's always best to double check before connecting it up.

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