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i'm trying to develop an algorithm to track and follow a person who walks in front of my robot.
It's just a simple head with a servo (i can control its speed) to move it horizonataly and the two sensors used like eyes.
Do you have any suggestions?
My idea was to read the averaged distances from the sensors and, if the left eye sees something(i.e. distanced releaved is under a certain threshold) and the other doesn't see anything, move left, otherwise move right.
The problem is that is difficult to continuing follow the person.
Someone can help me?

Thanks a lot.


Tracking a person may not even be possible with those sensors. Even if possible, it won't be easy.

You need to very carefully study the response of the sensors when a person walks by, at several different distances, and then decide if it is possible to use those responses in some reliable way to track motion.

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