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Hi there! I recently built the following setup: A massive, 20kg bronze head ist connected to a metal touch sensor (KY-036) and as being touched one of 30 audio files is played via my Arduino/Adafruit compound. At the beginning playback works just fine. But after a while the files are being played without me touching the sensor. Since there is a LED on the sensor which lights up as soon as there is an input signal I think I can  rule out any interferences on the sensor side …
I am pretty new to the Arduino world and copied the code from different tutorials to the best of my understanding. I would appreciate it very much if you could have a look at my code and tell me what's wrong. Thanks in advance!

Code: [Select]
// include SPI, MP3, Servo and SD libraries
#include <SPI.h>             // We will use the hardware SPI pins: CLK (13), MISO (12), MOSI (11)
#include "Adafruit_VS1053.h"
#include <SD.h>

char trackName;
int Digital_Eingang = 2; // Metal Touch Sensor

// These are the pins used for the music maker shield
#define SHIELD_RESET  -1      // VS1053 reset pin (unused!)
#define SHIELD_CS      7      // VS1053 chip select pin (output)
#define SHIELD_DCS     6      // VS1053 Data/command select pin (output)

// These are common pins between breakout and shield
#define CARDCS 4     // Card chip select pin
// DREQ should be an Int pin, see http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/attachInterrupt
#define DREQ 3       // VS1053 Data request, ideally an Interrupt pin

Adafruit_VS1053_FilePlayer musicPlayer =

  void setup() {
  pinMode (Digital_Eingang, INPUT); // Metal Touch Sensor
      uint32_t seed = 0;
    for ( uint8_t i=10 ; i ; i-- ) {
        seed = ( seed << 5 ) + ( analogRead( 0 ) * 3 );
    randomSeed( seed );

  if (! musicPlayer.begin()) { // initialise the music player
     Serial.println(F("Couldn't find VS1053, do you have the right pins defined?"));
     while (1);
  Serial.println(F("VS1053 found"));
  SD.begin(CARDCS);    // initialise the SD card
  // Set volume for left, right channels. lower numbers == louder volume!

void loop() {

 int Digital;
  Digital = digitalRead (Digital_Eingang);
     char trackName[ 13 ];
    int group = 4;  // can be 1 to 10 for your code
    sprintf( trackName, "trk%02d_%02d.mp3", group, random( 30 ) );
    //  output will have the form "trk09_07.mp3", assuming the random number was 7
        musicPlayer.playFullFile( trackName ); 


What's the sensor state when triggered? Maybee you have to wait for LOW instead?
Or the sensor produces short glitches which are not visible on the LED?


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