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Hi guys,i tought i was better off making a video than explaining myself through words, i hope you can understand my problem and help me out.
I forgot to mention, i usually get an error 34 but one time ,i dont know how, i managed to connect the arduino to the pc and it assigned the arduino on COM 4, altough it still didnt work, it had a COM port signed, but i still got error 10.



Have you tried telling it to use drivers for a specific device, then select device com port, then select manufacturer Arduino LLC, then select the mega.


i dont know how to do that =O


Hi, i´m having the same problem. I was refered to this post but the sollution given was for an Arduino UNO Board. Could it work on a mega as well?


Also, i followed this tutorial but when it got to install the driver manually it failed again.


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