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I have same problem about 45 rules and I am not able to run more than 4 rules when I convert the file to Arduino. Is there any restriction on the number of rules? I'm running this code in a Arduino Mega the code runs properly up to 4 rules but when I add the 5th rule no awnsers in the monitor, no errors or warning. Just nothing appears.


I have tried doing fuzzy simulation in MATLAB, so I got the expected output which later would be the same for arduino execution by using fuzzy library. However, in MATLAB, they got another option for defuzzification and fuzzification method such as MOM, LOM, SOM, and centroid.

So, how can I do the same for Arduino code? I would like to have the MOM defuzzification using Mamdani type of inference.


the eFLL (Embedded Fuzzy Logic Library) library is a versatile, lightweight and efficient option to work with Fuzzy Logic in embedded systems, including our great Arduino!

To know more about it, visit:

Documantation, usage, examples: http://www.zerokol.com/2012/09/arduinofuzzy-fuzzy-library-for-arduino.html

Oficial code page: https://github.com/zerokol/eFLL
I have found a problem, when adding a second output to the system it sends everything to zero, perhaps there is some limit of membership functions that I can add to the output.

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