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Hi Guys!
I've just built my first capacitive touch sensor as shown here.
Now, i'd like to apply it to a previous project that used a traditional pushbutton to have the job done.
Here starts my head-scratching : How can i turn this touch sensor to make it activate an interrupt?
Values returned by the library are various , flickering, and do not represent a logic level at all.
Does anyone experienced this problem?
I Thought to use and IC like QT113 , but it seems not to be available in my country anymore.
This library just returns the level of capacitance sensed in the strip of wire.... I'd like to get something that makes me able to use the interrupt, so a LOW or HIGH signal to put as input in Arduino pin 2 or 3...
Is out there any other IC that can help me ?


I was just running into the same issues. I am using touch sensors to control the device I am building, and would like them to be able to also wake the device from sleep mode. An interrupt is needed for this.

Digikey does sell a capsense IC that is currently only $1.30 and that outputs HIGH when triggered (AT42QT1010). With a transistor this can be brought LOW and should be able to exit sleep.


HOWEVER, I really would like to avoid having to add another IC to the board, and would also like the other sensors to be able to interrupt the code once it is awake, so if anybody knows any ways around this through software, I would be very grateful.

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