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I can't get it working, i have a VC0706 Camera  "VC0706-3-3V-Camera-Module-TTL-UART-Jpeg-CVBS-For-AVR-STM32-Arduino-Compatible"
I had follow all steps from http://learn.adafruit.com/ttl-serial-camera, so it works with VC0706CommTool at 115200 bauds but one i try to make it work with snap shot example I just get this response from console when arduino try to locate the camera:

VC0706 Camera snapshot test
No camera found?

I also tried to change baud rate in the code:
  if (cam.begin(115200))
I can't find out what is wrong, please what can I do?

This is the instalation:


I'm Still trying but i get nothing
someone know what can i test??


as discribed at adafruit site, the only baud rate possible is 38400. I suggest to verify before that signal TV is ok and the use common tool as specified. it's just simple.


I did it work for all avaliable bauld rates but not all arduinos suport all speeds


So, did we ever get it to work? What was the problem? I am trying to use the example code given and having no luck. Like you, only the comm tool is working properly...

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