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Time ago i bought over ebay Chinese clone with Atmega 328 -Deccduino(Atmega 328).
I spent hours trying to upload just blink sketch, but without success.
Finally  :D
1. Erased old Arduino file from all files.
2. Download  Arduino 1.6.1 from the official site.
3.This clone has a driver, do not have to do anything about it ... the computer will automatically detect and install the driver.
Before each compiling MUST squeeze the RESET button!
Thats it!!
Enjoy in the new toy!


The clue is in your question - the bit beginning Ch.....
Avoid. Start with the pukka board, then go down-market once you've got that going.
Old Chinese proverb "buy cheap, buy twice"


What error do you get?

We can't help you without knowing what the error message you're getting is.

That said, if the vendor instructs you to hold reset, that's a bad sign - it implies that they didn't wire up the autoreset right (all modern arduino-compatible boards use DTR and a capacitor to autoreset the Arduino board when serial connects, so you don't need to use reset button to upload code), or that they don't know what they're talking about.
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Those boards work without having to press the reset.

There may be another issue, like for example an odd sketch hogging the serial.


Capacitors velly velly expensive.
How often do you see these problems? Cheap boards and components are always too good to be true. Just try sending one of those back to the manufacturers.
The Chinese have in some instances reduced over-inflated costs for some gear - but, only if they stick with decent quality control. If you start off with recycled comonents which have probably come from a Nigerian scrapyard, then it ends in grief. It also puts the decent suppliers out of business.
Buying a Chinese clone?? is never a good way to start. I like to see "made in Italy" on my UNO. Just looking at at the silk screen printing is a giveaway. Chinese script is fiddly. It undermines the Arduino project.
If you still don't get an answer, better ask the suppliers.

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