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Hey All :)

I am looking for someone to build me a Weather Balloon kit. I am out of the country for the next month and won't have time to do this myself, but I really need it done in the next month for a school project.

When I get back home I will buy a weather balloon, construct a carrier case (Styrofoam cooler) and a parachute for recovery.

Here is what I need the Adruino to do.

(1) Collect Barometric Pressure
(2) Collect Temperature
(3) Collect GPS readings
(4) For recovery, I would love to have some celluar device I put a SIM card that can text me back its GPS location.

I'm willing to pay to have this built and tested and shipped, please let me know the level of effort required for this!




wow, trying to get someone to do your homework for ya?

check this out



Is paying for work to get a mark allowed?
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