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I have just produced a new version of something I've made several times over the years, a "NoviceGuard".

You plug an Arduino Pro Mini into it, and it gives, immediately, novices access to two buttons and four LEDs. Plus two more buttons which are only a little harder to use.

After the "immediate use" stage, it can be taken further, with daughter boards plugged in to allow buzzers, light detectors, etc.

Costs about $20.

Mainly for schools and parents. The main virtue... if I've achieved my goal... is that as long as the novices can understand "Put THESE pinMode statements in setup(), all of them, and no others", then the novices can't accidentally hurt the Arduino. By, say, connecting a source of Vcc to a pin that is configured as an output, and currently set low.

If, as I say, I've got it right.

Please visit...


... see what you think? The sub-page "specifically to present it to the experts..." (link in second paragraph of main page, but enjoy the pretty picture before you go?)... was written FOR YOU. It presents the underlying design, geek to geek, in case you can save an Arduino or two by spotting flaws before they let the smoke out of some poor Arduino.

I WILL LOAN one of the boards to interested parties who can persuade me that they are the right people to have the loaner... either experienced Arduino types with kids to put it in front of, or people I "know" from the forum here, if anyone would be willing to "see what they see" with a NoviceGuard in front of them, "doing its thing".

There are Facebook and GooglePlus buttons on the pages. If you think this might help draw in a wider audience for Arduino (stave off the Pi defections, and also the UK government's decision to back a different machine for schools) I would welcome any "re-tweets", etc, of this announcement.

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