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So if i want to re-upload the sketch via command line , the only command to use is, suppposing the .hex file is correct and not corrupted  :
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/usr/bin/run-avrdude   /www/sd/sketch/sk.cpp.hex

... AND assuming that the merge with bootloader command has already been done once on the .hex file.

If you never merged the bootloader to the sketch, then you will not be able to upload sketches using the USB port until such time that you have used the Linux command (or the web interface, or the IDE using the network) to load a .hex file that has been merged with the bootloader.


Thank you for this précision, in fact I never tried to program the arduino via USB.


I just want to make you aware of it.  8) Otherwise, if you do someday try to program from USB, you'll be back with a question about why it doesn't work.  ;)

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