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I am using an Adafruit Music Maker, which has a VS1053 codex chip, in conjunction with an Arduino Due. I have tried to play WAV files at a 16 bit 44.1 kHz and another at 48 kHz sampling rate but I pick up nothing but static in both cases (from the line out).

I am thinking that the sampling rate might be to high? However, that seems that both of those rates are standard and should be able to achieved by something called a "music maker". Perhaps it is another problem, hopefully someone with more codex chip experience can give there input.

-I have made several print statements throughout the code and receive serial feedback that things are working from the programing end.
-I have followed the solder instructions to use the 6 pin serial bus rather than pin (13,12,11)
-All connections have been soldered and checked to ensure good connection.

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