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Not sure if this is the place to ask but I didn't get any answers on vvvv's forum...

I can't figure out how this is happening but the RS323 port to connect my Arduino UNO to vvvv keeps showing up as red and cannot be used to change the Serial Port. I've installed the drivers for Arduino and I'm not running Arduino, Processing or any other programs that might be occupying the RS232 port so there's nothing that should be conflicting with vvvv's access to it. Also I'm using the RS232 (Devices) node instead of the legacy one.

Anyone have an idea how to get around this?

Attached are some screenshots of the vvvv patch and the installed drivers


can you post your processing code
i think you are using windows 7 OS. In that case

device manager-> port-> proeprty-> port property-> Check if the port you got in processing already in use or not. If already in use change to someother port & apply changes. Then upload the code again try it


The FTDI driver is the wrong driver for an Arduino UNO unless you have a strange third-party Arduino UNO clone that uses the FTDI chip instead of an ATmega16u2.
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