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I'm using one of these step-down converters from Pololu to run some 12V stuff off a 4S LiPO.  I'd like to be able to have the option as well to power the 12V stuff from a wall-wart that I have that puts out a good 12V already.

What would happen to that step-down converter if I apply nothing to the input and put 12V across the output like that?  Is there anything I can or need to do to make that work well?
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You should really ask the people who have designed that module, since there is no circuit diagram and/or parts list on that page.
Generally, it's ok to do so, if... there is a backfeed/protection diode from output to input.
Since you don't know, it's wise to add one externally.
A 1N5819 or similar schottky diode will do.
Anode to module output, cathode to module input.

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