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Hi all
I write from  very inexpert with  programming...

I have an arduino nano  and i would like to control an alarm buzzer ( it should buzz every 2 sec  on for 300 millsec)

this buzzer absorb 140 ma (i know each output limit of arduino is 40ma) .... i don't want to use a relay (for space problems)  , i thought i can attach the red wire to four digital output pin, so it will be possible to give until 160 ma... is it right or maybe i  had to use something better ?

btw i have a lipo battery 7,4 v to power  the nano and eventually the buzzer (with a transistor ??)

it's not a problem about sketch, it more , what to use and connect

be patient, "i'm not so expert   :D "
thanks in advance


Transistor is the better way to go as unless you connect buzzer to same port and use direct port manipulation you will overload pins as you turn them on individually. 40mA is MAX per pin an ideally you should use something less than this.
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