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I can positively confirm the above described fix. Thanks a lot  :smiley-mr-green:


Thanks! It works!
If someone have the ld.exe crash problem, copy ld.exe from v1.0.6 to v1.6.x, nothing else. :-)
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WOW - really?  Several people, including myself, have experienced a problem with the loader (ld.exe) running on Windows XP, and the best we can hope for is to bring forward an older version of ld.exe from earlier builds?
How do we get the attention of the developers and maintainers to run the bug to ground and fix it?

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same problem here (pro mini / mega328 5V 16MHz) but swap of ld.exe definitely doesn't work for me.
Sometime it helps to "restructure" code (seperate compund operators, change sequence of operations) but trying to include Serial.print breaks compilation almost for sure.

1.6.0 doesn't work at all (compilation stops without result or error).

Only way out is to use 1.0.6 package


Adding 12 extra global variable worked for me. Weirdly the id has been working fine all day but when I used three nested 'for' loops and two used the same variable by mistake, well the s*** hit the fan. Its like it just couldn't forgive me anymore.


After downloading 1.6.4 I was having numerous crashes (collect2.exe: error: ld returned 5 exit status) with even the simplest of sketches, I copied the ld.exe from 1.0.5 into the latest 1.6.4 download, and everything now works great!  I used 1.0.5 instead of the previously mentioned 1.0.6, because I already had it downloaded. Using Windows XP SP3.


//thanks the idea appears to work
//I add the following global variable
long xxxx[0]; // added to eliminate ID.exe crashes


// add a global variable
long xxxx[0]; //Added to eliminate ID.exe crashes


Jun 01, 2015, 08:29 am Last Edit: Jun 01, 2015, 08:35 am by nothinghere
finally I found out that I was repeatedly replacing the wrong ld.exe. Did a "Installer" install to D: in the beginning (but didn't recognize that compiler & co ended up in my userprofile) later replaced D:\arduino with .zip version where I tried to replace several ld.exe for no avail. Now in the correct place it seems to work.

Going to clean up the mess and never touch that "installer" stuff again.

P.S.: the trick with adding global variables never worked for me. A method to break compiling for ~100% was adding serial output. Sometimes serial.print was ok in the setup but definitely broke it in loop.
It is very discouraging if you start something new and already fail with the examples ...


Jun 05, 2015, 06:05 am Last Edit: Jun 05, 2015, 06:06 am by hakanArduino
First time I had the problem I fixed it by replacing ld.exe from an older version - thanks to you guys.

Then I messed up my installation by installing MegunoLink's Upload Monitor. If you are using MegunoLink and started to get a bunch of "not valid win32 app" errors, close the IDE and remove that Upload Monitor thing using MegunoLink's menus.

Back to the issue. Today I tried the "ld.exe" from the latest nightly build at the download page and it worked! Unless I mixed up files, devs must have fixed the problem. Can someone try to verify this?


PS: that's "LD.EXE" not "ID.EXE". Don't make the mistake I made.



Just a quick note: On a Windows XP SP3 box, with 1.6.4, their "Buttons" example (for example) blows up. Following suggestions here, I put 9 "int" declarations before the setup()  and it now compiles fine. (Go iigure).



Is this problem solved with the new arduino IDE 1.6.5 ?


Is this problem solved with the new arduino IDE 1.6.5 ?
Nope.  I just downloaded 1.6.5 and the issue continues..


I had the chance to use a clean windows xp and, sorry to say, the IDE works just fine. A similar issue has been affecting a windows 8 user: cause was her antivirus, that was blocking access to some files shipped and used with the IDE. Can you double check your quarantine or something?

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