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Apr 10, 2015, 03:55 am Last Edit: Apr 10, 2015, 04:51 am by Mehow
Today my extruder motor decided it will only turn clockwise. I noticed it while printing so I stopped it. Since it pushed out the filament I had to change it so I started it and everything was going fine, it turned clockwise then beeped when it was done. I pressed the button and it started turning clockwise again instead of counter-clockwise. I tried it a few times and the same thing happened. Moving it manually in move axis makes it turn clockwise regardless which way I turn the knob. What happened to it?

EDIT: As a temporary solution I plugged it in backwards. Now it only turns counter-clockwise.


Could you try and switch one of the other stepper driver break out boards with the one used for the extruder? Maybe the X or the Y?

I think you have a bad connection on the breakout board.

If this is the case you could get a new one by emailing Arduino support and showing them this thread.

Here is a person who seems to have the same issue as you:

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