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Update 20150415 :- Gas sampling ,Voice Recognition & voice output

<<< press here for video >>>

This project uses Gas sampling modules to detect Ethanol/Alcohol/Hydrogen/Smoke/carbon monoxide/Liquid propane gas (LPG).
the sensors gives out an analogue signal proportional (well not sooo proportional) to the gas concentration.

An arduino measures the value and using www.myrobotlab.org (MRL) software to retrieve the value.
The MRL software listens for voice commands from the operator using Pythons "Sphinx" module and then relays the information back as audio. With the MRL software you can send strings of text speech to this web site :-

http://thehackettfamily.org/Voice_api/api2.php?voice=Rachel&txt="All the best things in life are free"  Change the text within the qoute marks to taylor to your needs.

and it will convert the text to speech throwing back an MP3 file for you to use....Awesome....

Below you can see part of an orange Ethanol/Alcohol sensor aka MQ3

The InMoov ( www.inmoov.fr ) robot reacts by talking back the gas concentration, the MRL software can also drive servos, in my case the head turn and jaw movements.


The Full InMoov Head build details :-
>>> Press here for video <<<

I have been intrigued for a while with Voice recognition and Voice playback....soooo...

... to help with the reality of it all (Kinesthetic learning) , what could be more fitting than having a "Buddy/Buddyess" to converse with and get a nod or shake of the head or Wink of an eye... with LIDAR & motion tracking.

So with Gael Langevin's amazing InMoov Head&Neck&EyeMech STL files in hand the Tables were heated....

Printed the Eyes with-out the eyecover supports.... worked ok however next time i would print with them in.

The backear supports :- Its the first real test for me Printing with ABS.

My Ultimaker recipe :-

The head shell was printed with ABS at 0.2mm Z axis steps and 15-20% infill.

Nozzle 244°, HeatBed 100° , Space-Fly-Paper Bed (NO GLUE), a brim for first layer... It stuck like a limpet.

When a print is underway I like to place Heat insulating boards onto the Heatbed, to retain heat and stop the cooling fan robbing heat off the bed...it also conserves a little power.

Quick test fit for tolerances....

As I had no "LargeServo" to test the "Axis" I made the "Green Shim" to enable a normal HS-311 servo to be used.... I used a Metal Geared FS-250T 55 Ncm Torque... so we see how it goes.


UPDATE :- 20150225  Terminator Eyes

As an experiment I have attached a Laser to InMoov's Left eye & Wii-Camera to its Right eye.

<<< Click here for Video >>>

What InMoov sees is the reflected Laser light (depicted as the white dot on the green bar)

The reason it works is because I have arranged the eyes to be a fraction squinted, this creates an angle which can then be calculated and displayed as distance.

I have tested it to 3meter range down to 10cm.

Wii Camera specs :-

The camera sensor's exact specifications are unpublished, but it appears to provide location data with a resolution of 1,024 ×768 pixels, more than 4 bits of dot size or light intensity, a 100 Hz refresh rate, and a 45 degree horizontal field of view.

Just have to mount it in James's skull now...... and then I will be able to scan... well that's the plan.

I think this technique should work with a normal Webcam (as the Wii-Camera) using opencv to detect the brightest point in the screen (laser spots are pretty bright so i guess its feasible).

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