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Would anyone like to help on projects by creating Fritzing and schematic drawings for a portfolio of Instructables I am putting together?

The idea is that I develop the design and software and someone helps by drawing the Frizing diagram and also a schematic.  Ideally I would like both so folk who are not familiar with abstracting the design to a schematic can see both a real life view and the schematic together. This will let them see how the real wired design is represented in a schematic.

For the more complex designs I would only need a schematic (maybe in Eagle?) as I think the Fritzing diagram will look a bit of a mess if there are too many wires. As the higher complexity projects are more for intermediates I would expect people to be weened off the Fritzing drawings at that stage.

I already have posted a few instructables:

At the moment I have put in the wiring as a crude netlist, ie connect UNO pin 13 to point B, add a 1K resistor from point C to point D.  Initially I would like diagrams for those Instructables that already exist.

They will all be based on the UNO or Mega2560.

I would like the visual style to be consistent so this may be a support task for one person, or perhaps one person could set the style for others to follow?  You would be credited in the instructable if you wish to be.

Volunteer anyone?


P.S. I can supply photos of the parts if needed.


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