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Hello I have bought new Arduino GSM shield. I have connected it to arduino uno. I have inserted and tried with many sim cards Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL and tata docomo(Indian SIM cards).

I am trying to send sms using the available code in the library. But unable to do so. There is PINNUMBER we need to enter in the code, If I leave it blank then nothing will be displayed in the serial monitor other than that "SMS message sender". If I enter the default PIN of the SIM cards i.e '0000' or '1234', then it shows 'not connected' and it goes on showing it.

How to connect GSM shield using Indian Carriers . Please help.



I have the same problem,, I have just bought the shield two days ago
I use icomsat 1.1,, what is gsm shield do you use?
I have tried the all example in library about the gsm,, send, receive, check gsm,, all of them has the same problem,
hope there is someone can help... 


Simple approach..

Do it yourselves.. Use the native AT commands forget the library until you are sure the gsm is connecting

All you need send to the gsm modem is AT command it should echo back AT tertminate command with a carriage return Line feed and the modem will respond OK

If this does not work,

1.  speed set up wromngly

2. cables wrong should be TX  to RX and RX to TX  i.e swap unless modem is a DTE when no swap.

3 remember gnd to gnd

4. All modems need something  like 2 Amp PSU the 5v or 3.3 voly feed on arduino not enough.

If non of about hardware fault most unlikely it will normally be your codew..


I am very new to this. Using the Uno. What is the AT command? What is a DTE modum?

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