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Hi all..  

I recently jumped onboard the arduino platform in the hope of eventually creating my own audio tools and instruments..
i came across the mozzi libarary and i think this is exactly what i need.
I have managed to work out a few things but now im stuck with what im sure is a very simple issue..

im trying to trigger an oscilltor via a button. so when i hit the button it plays and stops when i lift my finger..
i thought this would be simple and i have managed to do it with a sample..
using the same method for an oscillator doesnt seem to do it..

Could someone have a look at the code and tell me where im going wrong, id greatly appreciate it..

i have never coded before and so im finding it a bit of a struggle.. although im learning little bits all the time..
Having said that i have been designing synths and plugins for a few years in SYNTH EDIT but thats a visual programming enviroment..

thanks (uploaded wrong file) sorry...FIXED NOW


So i spent 10 hours ring to figure this out yesterday.. didnt happen.. few more hours today and i have compliled another simple sketch..

a button triggers the adsr so i can ear the oscillator.. It compiles but i hear nothing??


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