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I have completed the project 05 without any problem and as suggested at the end of the chapter i try to make a thermometer using the tmp 36 sensor instead of the pot. My goal was to understand the map() function to display a range of temp between 20C and 40C. I start with the full range of the sensor with this mapping:angle = map(tempVal, 0, 1023, 0, 179);
and the start to tweak the mapping to meet my requirement. I end up with the following mapping:angle = map(tempVal, 100, 279, 0, 179);
everything was working fine except for some glitches in the servo probably due to the new scale who was probably to sensitive for the sensor.
Anyway after a while the servo stop moving. So i try to use pin 10 instead of pin 9 to drive the servo, same thing. When i purchase my kit i also purchase as backup a second arduino uno board. so i connect the breadboard to the second arduino board and upload the code. same thing, the servo doesn't move.
that's mean that the servo is probably dead.

Is it possible to burn a servo just by tweaking the value of the map function or it's just bad luck and i have a faulty servo?


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Yes, you can "burn" a servo, if you want to test your servo, look in the examples for a project with a servo

Test it, and if it does not work (and everything is connected like it should) you have a broken servo


Today i try to plug again my servo on the bread board to do the project 12 (knock Lock) of the starter kit.
Before starting the project i plug my servo on the bread board and run the example provided with the servo libraries. I try the example name "Sweep" and then my servo work. Than i add a pot connected on A0 to try the example "knob". i Plug the A0 to the wrong hole of the bread board making my A0 input fluctuating form 0 to 1023. The servo follow the fluctuation and then after a minute stop moving. I try again the "Sweep" code same thing the servo doesn't move. I have an extra mini servo that i plug and everything was fine.
My conclusion is that my servo is faulty but not exactly dead. It doesn't like when he is moving to much and to fast. Is there a sort of internal protection on such micro servo ?
I try to find on the datasheet what was the current consumption of such servo and i didn't find it. Any ideas ?

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