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Topic: Bouncing off ideas: putting a signal processor (c5515 ) on top of an uno (Read 751 times) previous topic - next topic


Hello, I am learning about signal processors by working with a c5515 ezDSP board from Spectrum Digital / Texas Instruments. It seems like a nice platform for getting into DSP, and the chip supports a variety of communication protocols (I2C, SPI, UART, I2S), which, with some level shifting, can directly interface with an Uno, so we can process signals coming out of any arduino-compatible sensor, in real time, on the DSP.

I'm starting out by making an adapter, so we can just plug the ezDSP board on top of an Uno, but I want to eventually remodel the ezDSP board as a stand-alone shield, just like the arduino-compatible-FPGA-shield from hackaday.

The thing is that I have to use the vendor's IDE to program the DSP, so, if possible, I would like to bypass that with command line tools (along the lines of c6run) for directly loading C code onto the signal processor. If this works out, it would be ideal to have the DSP on an R-Pi / BeagleBone Black cape instead, where an arduino can collect data, send it off to the DSP, which can process it, and then the little linux computer can store / display / send off the results.

Any thoughts, ideas, and suggestions would be appreciated!

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