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I've got a product in an advanced prototype stage. Advanced enough that I have been selling them, but they are still time consuming to build, a bit fragile and don't look nearly as professional as I would like.
The PCB part is fine. I've got nice custom PCBs and the volume is low enough I don't mind hand assembly its the hardware that needs help. I realize this may not be the best forum to ask this but perhaps someone can point me to a more appropriate forum or resource.

My product is a low volume high margin scientific instrument for use under water. As such, the housing is pretty specialized. I've got a local machinist making parts for me from 2D drawings I made but I'd like to turn this into an improved 3D model I can have made by a CNC machine.

I suspect most major cities have resources for this, but I live in a pretty remote area.


shapeways.com for a first build. For your first runs you can look at protomold.com for plastic things or emachineshop.com for metal things.


Hello Ryan,
I can surely make a professional 3D model for you. Contact me if you are interested

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