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I am rebuilding a robot my stem club built three years ago for the FIRST robotic competition.
I am using an arduino Mega 2560 to control:
-4 CIM motors with VEX motor controllers ( 2 to drive and 2 to shoot frisbees)
-Several rgb LED strips  controlled with three relay module( one for each color);

to control the robot i am using a RC transmitter and its receiver.

So far (I have been working on this for 3 days), i got the lights and the shooting system to work.

I unfortunately can't move the robot as i want.

The lights have a random picker that picks a 0 or a 1 and turn the color off or on.

For the controller my code works like this:

in the set up i read the PWM signal from the receiver and store the value on a variable, for every channel. 

then in the loop i continue to read values from the receiver and stores them in different variables and then i compare those with the ones taken at the beginning to take actions.

I successfully read the values from a switch on my controller that command the shooting system when activated.
My mapping code for the driving system is not working.
If you have any suggestions or ideas, they are fully accepted.

I didn't finish to write comments on my code, for every question ask me below.
This is my first post, i hope is clear enough.

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