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Hello List - Hello Gammon. Steenoluf here. To a school project I would like two Maxbotix sonars to send range info via serial two different serial ports to an Arduino Due board.

The Maxbotix Sonar uses inverted signaling so the software serial would be the library to use - and I have done so previously on the Uno. But alas - with more ports on the Due I thought it would be possible to run the softwareSerial library on the Due. I am sure someone somewhere is working on this - only I do not know how to reach him or her?

How much code would need to be modified to have the softwareSerial run on the Due? Is there a lot of talking to the hardware? I will go look in the code for softwareSerial - if I can find it. sok@post4.tele.dk. Regards.


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I asked for this to be separated from yet another software serial as it is a quite different question.

Perhaps you would be good enough to edit your original post and give it a title that represents your question.



PS I have no experience of the Due
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Inverted Serial - do you know the voltage? It's likely to be proper RS232 voltage levels, which is easy to convert with the right chip. This problem is best solved in hardware, not software. Without level conversion, the voltage is going to zap the Due.
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