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Jun 10, 2015, 01:45 pm Last Edit: Jun 11, 2015, 11:38 am by kengdahl Reason: Added notification to scale up objects.
Coil holder

Fan Duct for Arduino Materia 101

Fan Guard With Logo

SD Card Slot Adapter ((Scale up by 10 in slic3r or cura))

Customizable fan cover (Scale up by 10 in slic3r or cura)


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kengdahl :

The stl code for the ShareBot  listed above is not conducive with the Materia 101, as the code sliced in to "G" only renders a small oval about 3mm long and the says 100% finished with the timer saying 00.hours, and 00.min. I tried to fix the code in slc3r but it gave the same output for the fixed G-code.

That also goes for the "Fan Guard" customizable




Jun 11, 2015, 02:12 pm Last Edit: Jun 11, 2015, 03:10 pm by normoldboy Reason: Add additional data
Thanks, will try it.

Update: It work like a charm. When I was using slicer, the scale said 100%, so I thought that it could go only one way, down. My surprise it took 1000% and it made it correct.

I guess, when all else fails, read the manual.

Thanks again for your help



Jul 06, 2015, 12:33 am Last Edit: Jul 06, 2015, 04:18 am by benvolio9mm
I designed and printed a couple of upgrades for my Materia.

First, a power switch guard. I have repeatedly bumped the switch in the middle of a job, effectively aborting the part during mid-print. I guess it's my boyish curiosity as I like to get up close and watch while it prints. This guard keeps me from making silly mistakes like that.

I didn't like all the play in the printing bed leveling springs so I made some guides to keep them centered over the adjustment screws. The idea is to help keep the bed more stable and the leveling consistent, however the effect may be purely cosmetic.


I've successfully printed and mounted the fan shroud on my printer, even though I could only mount it with a single screw to the carriage as my version of the printer doesn't have a hole in the top right of the flange, so I'll probably modify one of the pieces in the shroud to fiit my version.
Anyways, the shroud is working fine, but I figured out that before I mounted it the fan was also blowing on the plastic part (ptfe? not sure) that is holding the nozzle tip, and now it of course isn't.

Is that a problem, since now the barrell isn't cooled anymore?
As I've already seen a few posts from people whose barrell melted and they had to buy a new one for 45-60€, will it cause problems to my printer?

Noise levels increased a bit, but I think this is obvious since air is forced through a small pipe at relatively high speed.

Prendete quello che dico come un suggerimento, non mi assumo responsabilità di nessun tipo


Prendete quello che dico come un suggerimento, non mi assumo responsabilità di nessun tipo


Yes, the barrel should be cooled. Doesn't hurt to have a little airflow on the stepper as well.

On your RAMPs board there should be an output for an auxiliary fan which can be controlled on/off by a Slic3r command.


Hi Chagrin,
thanks for your reply. The extruder stepper already has a fan on the back, it's included in the base kit for the printer. I'll try your suggestion about the additional fan as soon as I can get one.

Prendete quello che dico come un suggerimento, non mi assumo responsabilità di nessun tipo

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