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Hello all,
I am doing an art residency at a fablab. I want to make a wallk sculpture. The sculpture will have 5 or 6 sections that will light up when someone moves there hand about 40 to 50 cm away from it, the section light will switch off a few seconds after the motion. See image-

I haven't used Arduino much, the people working at the lab will help me a bit but not to make the whole Arduino set up myself.

I was wondering, is there an example of how to do this?

I propose each section, will light up and to make it an area light, I will put diffuse paper over the top.

The main problem I want to know is the motion sensor aspect, coding and having seperate panels.

Any help or links really really appreciatted, thanks,


Look into PIRs
Can mask off the lens so that it looks a smaller area for detection.
Use 1 per panel, with an output per panel to drive MOSFET and sink current from LED strips.
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Ultra sonic detectors might work also and allow a narrower focus. Like CrossRoads said, you can mask the sensors to get different ranges . I have used IR sensors behind a thin gauze so that they were not visible, and they still triggered at about 4-6 feet. There are lots of code examples around that work. The wiring is not at all complex.


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