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the DUE has a register at location x40008030 SPI_CSR. I know in that 32 bit register resides BITS in location of the upper four bits of the lower byte. with BITS set to 1 it will do 9 bit DMA instead of 8. this is a big change to write a header called Super_SPI.h that allows the setting of  'BITS' from 0 to 8. if I do that all the uint8_t have to be turned into uint16_t-...

anyone that is skilled enough to create a more user friendly spi.h that allows the BITS register to be set from 0 to 8? it would requires its own modified ..SAM3X.c file that uses

I get lost in all the files effected when I try and create a new SPI_9.h file... not looking for a bit banging solution


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