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Hi all,

After some years playing with the Arduino platform I'd like to try to build a robot car. I've been reading and trying to find the easiest way to drive motors (for the wheels), but I'm still confused ... :-) Since it will be just a first attempt, I'd like to start cheap and easy.

I found the following (cheap) chassis, including wheels and motors: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Special-promotions-Smart-car-chassis-Tracing-car-The-robot-car-chassis-With-code-disc-tachometer/1732303840.html
(it contains "1:48 2 too the emc testing deceleration motor" for each wheel, what does this mean?)

How can I connect the motors to the Arduino? Directly to an output (PMW) pin? Do I need a component in between the Arduino pin and the motor?



You need this shield, the library is so easy to learn, you can control 2 DC motors, and control servos and steppers...

The geared boxes means that the motors give 48 laps for each 1 of the wheel, that means your robot car have good torque but it will not to faster...

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