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This Thursday May 14, How to draw schematic diagrams with emphasis on clarity of function right after our regular meeting. Thursday evenings are Open House.


7:00 to 7:30- Meet and Greet/Answer Questions/Announcement

7:30 to 8:30  - How to draw schematic diagrams with emphasis on clarity of function

Schematic drawing seems to be on its way to becoming a lost art. Many current books and kits seem to be trying to obfuscate the function of the circuits described. The purpose of a schematic is to provide a clear picture of the functional connection of a circuit. If it were merely to show you how to connect things, a pictorial diagram would serve.

Learn what schematic symbols mean and why we use them, how and why to use ground and power supply symbols rather than just drawing a wire between everything. This applies to either hand drawn or CAD drawn schematic diagrams.

There will be a handout. You should bring a pencil, eraser, and paper.

8:30 to ? - Work on projects or discuss geeky/technical things

You don't have to participate in the talk or demo if you're not interested, but please be considerate of those who are.

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Steve Greenfield AE7HD
Drawing Schematics: tinyurl.com/23mo9pf - tinyurl.com/o97ysyx - https://tinyurl.com/Technote8
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