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Hi audio forum fellows,

Just wanted to share a tool i've been working on lately : WaveWatch, a soundcard oscilloscope 100% made with Processing.
It's been proven very useful when developping my Arduino SID shield, so that it's worth sharing!

Demonstration video on Vimeo : https://vimeo.com/banson/wavewatch13

It's got all the features you'd expect from a standard scope,
-   dual channel,
-   configurable Triggering (single/Auto),
-   time and voltage measurement,
-   frequency calculation,
-   markers with delta calculation
-   voltage calibration

All you need is your computer soundcard, and Processing. It also includes a Waveform generator, WaveMake, also made with Processing.

Project detailed documentation : http://www.banson.fr/wiki/doku.php?id=wavewatch

Download (GiHub repo) : https://github.com/bansonfr/WaveWatch

Project Background:

As a DIY audio maker, I was a fellow user of C.Zeitnitz's Soundscope and the Zelscope software. Those are very good at their job and offer rich features, but suffer from several drawbacks, like a rough non-responsive GUI and Windows-only tools (Not to mention that they're paid proprietary tools).

WaveWatch development started one year ago with the goal to have a cross platform scope with basic measurement features running on both my workbench Linux PC and my home office personal computer. What began as a "filling-the-holes-rush-project" to empower my workbench PC ended up in a full featured oscilloscope that I use on a daily basis on all my audio projects.

I had in mind to focus on simplicity and efficiency, with mouse responsive GUI combined with handy keyboard shortcuts : when you need to perform an action, like moving a channel or calculating stuff, you're always one click / keyboard stroke away from your result. It's been proven to be very handy, I love it, and hope you will too.
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WaveWatch scope updated to 1.3,

- window width size was doubled
- user interface revamped to be more intuitive,

GiHub repo : https://github.com/bansonfr/WaveWatch
1.3 Demo Video : https://vimeo.com/127972979

More than ever, this tool is your audio DIY development's best friend :)
Blog, DIY Electronics & Stuff - http://www.banson.fr


Rob Tillaart

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