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Any tips on the equipment or steps/readings I would have to do in order to make this possible.

Also, what if the on and off buttons are different which the Arduino must press are different. For example:

Instead of a button looking like this:

It is two buttons:

and 3 centimeters below
(off) .

Any help is greatly appreciated


what if the on and off buttons are different
is it because IT IS 2 different buttons or not?

I would probably create a mount for a solenoid, http://www.adafruit.com/search?q=solenoid&b=1, that would trigger every x second to push on the button. Two different mounts would be required if you have 2 different buttons.

Like I said on different posts, I might be wrong on my approach but I would try that.

Have fun and I hope it helps



I would probably create a mount for a solenoid
Or look to some linkage arrangement with a servo.

trigger every x second
Either way, the timing between the pushes can probably be handled using the BlinkWithoutDelay approach, which frees up the processor if there are other things to do. (ie, don't use delay() )
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Your answer may already be here: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=384198.0


I don't suppose this is what you want [sorry for the joke, but too good to miss - it gets better towards the end].

In any case, this is one way to flip a switch mechanically - he's using an RC servo, which is very easy to control with an Arduino board.

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