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my arduino work has come to a stand still. i got in a fight on saturday night because i just happen to be walking down the opposite side of the street as 2 drunks and have temporalily lost the use of my right hand. (cast and sling) so i cant solder and i can hardly type. ive been cut down from 70 words per minute to almost 20. (this takes forever now!)

i was curious if they made one handed full keyboards and found this.

i will regain the use of my hand in 3 weeks but for now my coding and arduino-ing has come to a slow crawl or complete stand still. :(


Well, i hope you'll get better soon..
From one who is a 5+1 finger typist: using just one hand may be some of change, but it can easily be done ;0)


i actually was surprised when i was able to use a mouse left handed with no problems. i didnt even have to switch the button config around (no that it would matter, my schools computers dont even let me right click much less get into the control pannel)

i did however give myself an admin account when the network admin was out of his office. ;P i have a control free profile now. but it only works in the library :/


Well, i am lefty who left two fingertips (that part which goes to the first joint) a few years ago and had to switch to right. It worked incredibly good - although i still rely much on the left hand especially when writing, but QWERT are hard to reach if ich dont use my (now normal) 5+2 but the old 10 finger system ;0)


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