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Welcome to the IoT Hackathon 2015 taking place in Lisbon on June, 16th-17th, at the Lisbon Congress Centre.

IoT Hackathons are melting pots of hands-on innovation and excellence where the tech wizards (aka IoT hackers) gather to create the most magnificent IoT solutions.

We have fantastic prizes for the hackers: 1st prize - a trip and registrations to the IoT Senzations 2015 Summer School in Belgrade + 1000€ cash; 2nd prize - 750€ cash + Libelium Student Kits; 3rd prize - 500€ cash + Bitalino Board Kits. And much more prizes for those that make best use of the technologies from our sponsors.

We will make available many IoT-related technologies for the hacking teams to play with (lots of Arduino kits, IBM Bluemix licences, Libelium kits and much more).

Participants at the IoT Hackathon 2015 Lisbon are mainly students from the most renowned tech Universities as well as practitioners of IoT-related labs from Industry, SMEs and academia/institutes. There are no costs for taking part on the IoT Hackathon 2015 Lisbon!

The IoT Hackathon 2015 Lisbon will be an open event for the general public with high visibility and great coverage from the media and press. The IoT Hackathon is being promoted by UNINOVA, FCT-UNL and the IoT-Forum and is organised with local support of the FCT-UNL Electrical Engineering and Computer Group.

The IoT Hackathon is a competition for prototype developments related with IoT following a marathon format of 48 hours (24 hours will not be in Centro de Congressos de Lisboa due to logistic matters). Teams are composed of up to three developers (who will develop the IoT solution) + 1 host (which will explain to the public / media what they are trying to do, the value, the innovation, etc.).

On Monday (June, 15th) some solution providers of reference will hold workshops / tutorials / hands-on so that teams can take proper advantage of their technologies on the IoT Hackathon. These solution providers will make available their technologies (kits/licences) for the duration of the IoT Hackathon so that teams can make use of them as a technological basis for the development of their IoT prototypes.

During the days of IoT Hackathon several organisations will present / demonstrate / showcase their IoT solutions inside a properly equipped room, in that IoT Hackathon area) that is able to accommodate 150 people. These events will be open to all attendees.

Participate at: http://iothackathonlisbon.challengepost.com !

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For additional information, please contact us at : iot-hackathon@uninova.pt
Pedro Maló, Professor/Investigador
Departamento Engenharia Electrotécnica
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, UNL
Tel: +351-212947876 | Skype: pedromalo

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