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Mar 08, 2014, 05:43 am Last Edit: Mar 09, 2014, 03:55 am by djhoins Reason: 1
It sure looks pretty ... Everything is where it should be ... But!
When I verify the Makeblock code with the Arduino ISP I receive error messages.
I have little programming skill, was lead to believe that I needed none by Makeblock.
My hope is that some kind person will read this PLEA for HELP and tell me or show me what to do so I can drive this Tank (replete with Estes rocket) to China and deliver a preemptive strike.  
My Amazon.com product review.
1.0 out of 5 stars It's Pretty, Poorly engineered, The code dosen't run, The instructions are in pigeon english. Support is very poor., March 8, 2014
By David Joseph Hoins (VANCOUVER, WA, US)
This review is from: Makeblock Starter Robot-building Kit (With Electronics) Metal Lego for Makers Robotics Compatible with Arduino (Blue) (Toy)
I've had it with cheap Chinese junk. This review is warning to anyone thinking about purchasing Makeblock junk. You will regret it.
Unless of course you like "The run around psycho babble provided by Makeblock". The fact is that nothing works as the company says.
There is a You Tube video of this (Tank) running through a filthy, litter strewn ally somewhere in China.
It is, of course your choice to buy products made in a RED COMMUNIST COUNTRY. Support the most repressive government since Nazi regime if you choose.
I have taken this junk (Tank) to a lab for analysis of PCB's, Arsenic,  Lead and what ever else. The rubber tread smelled funny and the plastic box used to enclose the microprocessor has a protective paper that is very difficult to remove. The glue is probably TOXIC as well. These People don't care, they just want your money!

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Think Before You Buy


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Hi @djhoins,

This is Christina from Makeblock, sorry for the issue.

I will report this PLEA to Makeblock software engineer and we will help you to drive this tank. Or you can contact us by christina@makeblock.cc. I will follow up your case until everything goes on well.
Here's the instructions:

How to use:

1.Before programming, we have to make a copy of libraries to the Arduino default library path. The default path is usually in "C:\Users\user name\Documents\Arduino\libraries" (Windows 7),"/Users/username/Documents/Arduino/libraries" on OSX.

Your Arduino library folder should now look like this (on Windows):

  My Documents\Arduino\libraries\Makeblock\Makeblock.cpp
  My Documents\Arduino\libraries\Makeblock\Makeblock.h
  My Documents\Arduino\libraries\Makeblock\examples

or like this (on Mac):


or similarly for Linux.

2.Open the Arduino Application. If already open it, you need to restart.

3.Click "File->Examples". Here are some test program.

4.For information on installing libraries, see: http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/Libraries

For more infomation on using Makeblock electronic modules, please visit our wiki (http://wiki.makeblock.cc)

Makeblock Team
Makeblock can construct your dreams into reality.


Hi djhoins,

I'm johnny from makeblock. The error message shows that maybe you didn't install our library correctly. Please watch this video instruction to check that.



Mar 08, 2014, 12:12 pm Last Edit: Mar 09, 2014, 03:57 am by djhoins Reason: 1
OK ... here is what I've done so far:
I uninstalled Arduino IDE from my machine. Then I installed a fresh copy;
* Arduino Drivers have been updated to add support for Windows 8.1, you can download the updated IDE (version 1.0.5-r2 for Windows)
I then followed the instructions provided by Makeblock. All files are installed in the proper folder, (libraries) as per instructions given.
I took a look at the you tube video, (the music is terrible and unnecessary) The video is of poor quality and unreadable, And of No Help At All
I then attempted to verify several of the sketches found in the Makeblock_Starter_Kit folder.
And the result was the same as before. ERROR MESSAGES.
I think your code is not written properly. Here are the ERROR MESSAGES.


Hi djhoins,

I didn't see any error massage in your post. Please copy it correctly. Dumping anger couldn't help you solve the problem.


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Estes rocket's huh? That brings me back. So much fun! :-D

But - I have no idea why you are so angry with MakeBlock? I've spent $2500++ on their hardware since it's top-notch quality. I also purchase a lot from US stores that provide high quality like Adafruit in NYC and Sparkfun in Colorado. Quality always sells. Here's a video of what my 12 year old son built with his Tank kit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgrjOlkQctI I helped him with parts of the electronics & the remote, but the code for driving it he wrote by himself using just the standard libraries that come with Arduino.

As for programming - sure - it does of course take a little effort and it can be cumbersome at times. What I would do is to start off simple. Load the Blink sketch onto the MeDuino and verify that it works as it should. You can find the sketch under File -> Examples -> 01. Basics -> Blink. When programmed, the LED on the MeDuino board should blink once every second. Give that a shot and I'll help you out? :-)


After wasting a huge amount of time trying get the Arduino IDE to upload the sketches to my new Makeblock starter robot (on an Acer Laptop with Windows 8.1) I came across the following document in the Arduino Website :"Guide to the Arduino Leonardo and Micro"... This document explains how the serial port communication work on the leonardo (which is an ME-Baseboard at MakeBlock)...It also states that auto-reset is initiated when the computer opens the serial port at 1200 baud and then closes it... Whatever that means... I went into the Makeblock driver setting (under windows 8.1 device manager) and changed the baud rate to 1200... Surprise surprise... all works fine now, I can compile and upload the sketches for the starter robot... What frustration !!!! And for the people at Makeblock... I have been trying to create a community userid and while the system say that it will send me an email, it never does !!!


I'm sad to report that after changing the baud rate and loading the sketch, I realized that the board type in the tool section of the IDE had changed and the code had been loaded assuming that the board was a UNO.  So I did manage to compile and upload but the robot behave erratically probably because it was loaded on the wrong type of board.  I am back at square 1... I tried numerous attempts on an Acer laptop with Windows 8.1, another Acer laptop with Windows 7, and finally a surface pro with Windows 8.1.
Nothing works !!!
If the makeblock people read this post I would appreciate if you could return the validating email so I get access to the community support tool of your Wike and engage with this troubleshooting exercice there!  Tx

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