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May 28, 2015, 05:14 pm Last Edit: May 28, 2015, 05:20 pm by AndreiV
I am designing an adjustable PSU and i would like to know what you think.
-2 channels capable of delivering 0-12V/0-1A(the channels are not isolated in this version)
-li-ion battery pack(up to 4s5p 18650 cells) with an aproximate autonomy of 6h at full output power
-graphic LCD(128x64px) with 0.5x0.5mm pixel size
-capacitive buttons(PCB traces)
-can be mounted on DIN Rail

I use an ATMega2560 with arduino bootloader and it will also have an expansion header for addon modules(memory, comunication, output expansion, multiple units sincronization and more).

I attached the front panel, it will be as in pdf(white soldermask with black silkscreen) and the LCD is also COG FSTN(Black on White) to fit with the front panel and the white plastic case.

Just let me know what you think or if you need other informations.

Have a nice day,


Looks good. Does it have short-circuit protection? Is there a kill switch?
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It has current limiting and I am considering a 1.5A on each chanel, just in case someting goes wrong.
Also each chanel can be turned on/off(reset to off after power up) individualy and a power switch that will turn everything off and put the ATMega into sleep. There will also be a switch that will cut the power to the boards.
It will also have the option to remember the values before the power down or reset to 0 every time, as well as the ability to save up to 9 presets or even more with a small change in code.
I have a lot of ideas, but until i manage to create a working prototype, I will keep it simple.

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